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Birth Trauma

The effects, frequency and overt damage of birth trauma is perhaps the easiest way to understand why all children need to be checked for spinal misalignments and cranial distortions.


Routine labor procedures such as inducing labor, pain medications, and restrictive maternal positions lead to further complications and the resultant use of forceful pulling and operative devices such as forceps, vacuum extractions and c-sections.


Standard obstetric managenent includes grasping the infants head during birth usually accompanied by some degree of pulling and rotation. Further intervention including the application of obstetric devises creates an environment where an even more serious injury is bound to happen.


Although studies sited mostly deal with the excessive trauma caused by obstrtriclal, operative devices it is important to note this comment by Dr. Abraham Towbin, medical researcher on spinal injury, He says, 'the birth process, even under optimal, controlled conditions is a traumatic potentially crippling event for the fetus.'


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Birth Trauma at the Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic